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Hey! seems like we no need to introducing ourself. Our details are right that and contact too.. Our blog tittle is "the Unknown-P". Why we we name it as "Unknown-P"? First, we name it as "Unknown" because we just a beginner and have no idea what should we name it. And "P" is for photography. Now let us tell you about our blog. Well, our blog is only post for photography and for everyone to feel happy, not personally post. Why we create this blog? First, we do it just for fun. Second, we do it because we need some comment about our shooting, we hope you will help us up. And we will very grateful. Third, some photo will be edited by us, and we need some comment from you too.. We hope that you will enjoy it. =D And support us..

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hi Hi..

hehe.. this is the first post from us. so any mistake, hehe sorry.
 This time was posted by Jolyn.28.10.2010 
Jolyn bought antik camera to Afiqah house. And went for shooting. =D

photographer : Jolyn Joe xD

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